Lifetime Treasures Photography is Colleen Gallagher. I have been in photography for over 40 years.

What am I good at?  Making people smile...naturally.  I have that very special gift that helps me connect with people no matter their age.  If you are the Bride and you hire me, I can assure you that by the end of the night you, your mom, and your grandmother will love me.  

I am innovative and produce images that become your family’s Lifetime Treasures.  Dedicated to detail, so every job runs smoothly.

In school photography, I make sure to get those cherished expressions time after time.  The image quality is superior and you get great value with specially designed, budget friendly packages.

In sports photography, the images freeze the action, so you can relive that moment time and again.

Lifetime Treasures Photography is proud to say the company is growing.  There is a team of professional photographers that I arrange for specialized needs.

As professional photographer, I am there every step of the way, overseeing every project from beginning to end.

Contact Info:  

          Colleen Gallagher (847) 340-0894                                              

             [email protected]